Sam Brown
Fitness Instructor

In December, 2008, Sam was warned by his doctor that if he didn’t begin a regular exercise program and get on a restricted calorie diet to lose about 70 pounds, he was at risk of a heart attack or stroke. It was a wake-up call. Sam will turn 60 in 2012 and if he has his way, 60 will be the new 40!

Sam discovered spinning in 2009 and fell in love with it, working out on the spin bike five to six days per/week. He lost 70 pounds and became a spin instructor in May, 2010. Sam also serves as an elected Village of Matteson Trustee and says it’s important to him, as a trustee, that he set a positive example of what can be accomplished by eating healthy and exercising regularly. These things improve quality of life. His goal is to help Matteson become the most physically fit village in the south suburbs.