Brittney Faulkner
Personal Trainer

Brittney is a certified ISSA Personal Trainer, she has CPR/AED and First Aid certification - Brittney played sports in school which in term, kept her in shape and active. After having a child, she reached a weight of 215 pounds. She worked hard and in a years time she shed the extra weight. At the age of 28, Brittney is in better shape than she was in high school. Achieving her goal to lose weight made her want to not only become a Personal Training, but train to be a figue/fitness competitior. Brittney is here to help her clients achieve whatever fitness goals they may have and more. She pushes and motivated her clients to keep going when they fell like giving up. Brittney takes all sessions seriously while keeping them fun. Specialties: Weight loss, Interval/Circuit Training, TRX, Strength/Weight Training, Bootcamp/Group Training. 

Contact Information 
Phone: 708-825-6848

1 Session: $45.00 
5 Sessions: $185.00 
10 Sessions: $370.00 
15 Sessions: $550.00

Process for signing up for a personal trainer

  • Choose the personal trainer you prefer
  • Contact the trainer and make an appointment for the number of sessions you would like.
  • Once you secure an appointment with the trainer you choose, register at the Matteson Community Center during office hours and make your payment.

Note: Ages 14 to 17 years old will have to have their parent/guardian sign a waiver.