Teresa Banks
Personal Trainer

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a M.S. in Exercise Science. Whether you're interested in enhancing your physique, general fitness level, or athletic performance, Teresa can help you reach your goal while creating a more functional body in the process. Teresa acknowledges each as equal elements of living a long, healthy life.

Credentials: M.S., CSCS, former collegiate track & field/tennis athlete, fitness competition coach, TBfit Bootcamp

Contact Information 
Phone: 708-941-6245 

1 Session: $45.00 
5 Sessions: $185.00 
10 Sessions: $370.00 
15 Sessions: $550.00

Process for signing up for a personal trainer

  • Choose the personal trainer you prefer
  • Contact the trainer and make an appointment for the number of sessions you would like.
  • Once you secure an appointment with the trainer you choose, register at the Matteson Community Center during office hours and make your payment.

Note: Ages 14 to 17 years old will have to have their parent/guardian sign a waiver.